One foot forward….i am a blogger.!!!

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I have always had this thought of starting my blogging website and talk about myself and the world i live in;but i have never put the thought in action until today….so,congrats to me!!!!!

I am of opinion that this could be that place i can freely express myself, because to be totally honest am good at putting it down than talking it out.Note,this will not be a site of putting my vocabulary to test or/and to portray to the world that English is my stronghold rather its an owned space of talking to me,my family members at large and my friends whenever they are.Those that will be willing enough to listen to my stories and voice beyond these written words.

So i lay in bed last night thinking of where,when and how my life started…not after birth but after finishing and graduating from college and it quickly reminded me of my journey with my little one(mini me) because it was about this rough estimate of time that she “happened”.I could not stop there, i also remembered the people that were and still are a great support system to me.

Well,that is a story for another day…..but am glad the thought of putting all that story in Facebook,starting with the caption “Long post Alert” freaked me out and i thought why shouldn’t i just create my space for these long post alerts? and HERE i am.


I don’t stop because i am tired, i stop because i am done!!


One thought on “One foot forward….i am a blogger.!!!

    Harrison Okema said:
    June 27, 2015 at 3:41 pm

    What a start. Cant wait to read your heart n.mind. Go LAO

    Liked by 1 person

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