It’s a WRAP for my Sunday!!

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Today being Sunday and as expected of all Christians me included,is to go to church. Do not be disappointed if i tell you i did not attend today’s summon,and i have not attended one in like a month or so;not that am proud of what am saying and not that i planned to do the said.Actually without mincing my words ,i don’t really comprehend my actions because not long a go i was a cheerleader of the same.

To say the least,i don’t know why i am opting out of church,my guess is that i want to find myself first because i think i am lost a bit…..i sound defensive of my actions….but its better than just ‘yay’ing’ about not attending church.I will leave that matter at that,better less said.

Its evening and am calling it a wrap for my Sunday,rather than being energized for Monday,i feel actually as if i am approaching my weekend,tired as hell and my back cramping from lying in my couch since morning perusing through my Tv channels,jumping to movies and finally watching ‘My dream wedding’ which usually sums up my Sundays.

Let me get back to watching my TV series ‘RHOA ssn 7’…i can do with some ladies drama…it toughens my sorry a**  a lil’ bit……ooh, before i forget please anticipate me tomorrow because its the day i start to return my gratitude to my supporters and heroes with my journey of getting my ‘Mini me’ to this world.You might just be one of them please don’t miss out.I appreciate you.


I don’t stop because i am tired,i stop because i am Done!!


One thought on “It’s a WRAP for my Sunday!!

    Harrison said:
    June 28, 2015 at 4:04 pm

    Great mini steps. All the best in pursuing your ‘self’

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