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Heroes/Heroines and Supporters!-#5

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Today i open by urging all of us to learn to give thanks.It can be done in many ways: monetary,gifts,offerings,tithes and the cheapest of them all is ‘words’.Always say how grateful you are to the lord of things that went well in your day,as much as some of our days are usually upside down,you will never lack what to thank God for…ie LIFE.

When you remember to thank your God also learn to stay humble and always show your appreciation to workers,waiters,shopkeepers,friends,colleagues,siblings,Parents …let these simple words “THANK YOU”  be part of your day to day life.It means a lot to most people than you can imagine.

I thank you all my friends and fans!!!

Heroes/Heroines and supporters#Final

This is the final part of my start writings( journey with *Dee) and it goes to all those who are in my life and has greatly contributed in supporting me with my bundle of joy *Dee in small ways yet great impact.You call and ask how we are doing,you comment and like my pics when i upload in social media,you compliment my resemblance to my daughter,you visit me and my family,you attend and bring gifts during her parties.All this is what life is about!! Talking ,sharing,loving,encouraging,supporting and laughing!!!

During *Dee’s 1st b-day,my Tanzanian colleagues and nut friends showed up in great numbers from My Boss to my closest of friends to some that i knew that particular day,i still remember how these guys turned up in time and made this party worth the time i spent preparing for…the same goes to her 2nd b-day yet again in Tanzania.I love the Green Bird institutions fraternity with all my heart.

On her 3rd b-day,we had a blast with Athiriver ACK youths who came in big numbers,all my close friends that made it *The Mayaka’s,*mercy,*Sam and also the small tiny angels that helped *Dee cut her cake and understand the art of sharing with friends.We walk with people and we are grateful for people who walk with us.My immediate family members who always got my back,all i can say is that i am blessed and God is my favorite friend of them all.I love you all and i thank you so much.


I do not stop because i am tired, i stop because i am done.!!   


Heroes/Heroines and Supporters!-#4

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Today i open by asking all my friends to be slow in passing judgement. I did learn this the hard way;I have a BFF in Switzerland and we really share a lot online, she had her 2nd born daughter late last year,her 1st is also a girl.We have been sharing so much about our girls and she could not stop rumbling about her new addition to the family who looked exactly like her,we were to make arrangements of visiting each other so our kids could meet but around late June she cut me out completely. I could not reach her in any means,i was furious and quickly jumped into conclusion that ‘People are not who you think they are’.It hit me so hard when she reached me on Wednesday this week and told me her little girl is no more.She was grieving and i had already judged her,i cannot begin to forgive myself.Please please please,be slow to judge;give others the privilege to explain themselves,what you see or think may not be the reality.

I rest my case.

Harrison Okema-#4


This is my hero,my husband to be,(‘i have to walk down the aisle’ **wink) and the father to my beloved little *Dee.Ours has been a long journey since 2007 February 22nd.We were both young and innocent but we chose a path and somehow stuck to it.He is my Happiness,joy and pain.We have hurt each other several times but we also have most of the best moments through time,he accepted and have ever known how to handle my strong personality by killing me with kindness and never being afraid to show his weakness;he has made me shed tears but we have learnt and emerged stronger over time.We have risen over temptations and held each others hands when we felt we are loosing the grip.He has never stopped doing the little things for us(kissing good byes & hey am backs,calling to find out if i reached job okay,grabbing take always and stopping at my workplace for bites,coming home with little presents from his trips and even calling me stubborn **smiles) i cant finish to mention them all but just to mention these are the reasons i would go ‘commando'(sp) on anyone trying to take advantage of him…but not ‘cat fights’ with the B*****s don’t get me!!! .I don’t know about the future,all i have is memories and NOW.He is with me and i am with him that is all that matters.

When i begun my Hero/Heroines journey i clearly put of how i getting knocked up was not the best news at the moment for both of us but the only thing we commend ourselves about,is the fact that we chose her life over an abortion no matter how it would have turned out.He took responsibility and we endured the confusion and mixed reactions together.Our path was not clear and he was not with me in the delivery room as much as i would have loved him to be but he had fled to a new country with no friends or relatives to welcome him just to be able to provide for us.That alone means a lot,if you have a kid you would understand.He run through his thought and all he wanted was his family,he decided to come for as and travel us through the longest journey despite *Dee being just a month old.


This is not about me but *Dee,she has found herself a treasure in the name of a dad.He loves this girl to the core of his heart and would give up anything just to have her in his life.They are best of friends and you should listen to them talking on phone when daddy is on his work trips…you would laugh your heart out.There is nothing he has not done to and for her from changing diapers,washing her,feeding her,putting her to sleep,running carrying her in the middle of the night when she is sick,teaching her to ride her bike and spanking her tinny ass when she decides to be ‘Dee the chipmunk’.Ooh my God!!!! i melt for their love because it is every woman’s dream to find so much support from the father of her babies and see her little ones grow in so much love.This shapes the confidence of a child in so many ways.I salute all single mothers,i have never been one but i can imagine being without his support and i can vividly see it being tough as much as i know present women are tougher.His face book page is filled with photos and words about his little girl’s steps of growth and trust me, you should not check his external memory that has hundreds and hundreds of videos of *Dee all through her life up until now,the crazy part is that he has named them all…Dee crawling,walking ,sleeping,singing,day out,banking 101,puke on me,her 1st foot & hand prints,1st day to school….etc we can go on and on……This man is a blessing,and i am happy we are bonded forever with this beautiful girl.So,however much the future may want to surprise us,it will never change this bond.Amen

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May God fulfill this mans dreams.*kisses


I do not stop because i am tired,i stop because i am done!!