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Howdy friends?? i am really grateful for the likes i continue to receive from you guys which to me is not only likes but support from you all.Thank you.I am also so sorry to have kept my readers waiting for about 3 weeks,its a long story but i have to tell it all.

After my last post,i decided that i have had enough of work and hence my body aches called for a leave from work.I asked for a weeks rest and it was granted.Talk about luck, the very Monday i was to start my leave i received a call that i was to attend an interview for a job i had applied about 3 weeks earlier…this was a dream job for me,it was with an NGO and if i made it, it would empower me and changed my life a bit.I there for attended the interview with me for support was my hubby and sister.Hubby was driving while was sister playing the interviewer, being that she has attended so many until she is actually almost familiar with all the Q & A in interviews.This was my first interview ever *mark that but don’t ask how i got my other 3 jobs back.

I really enjoyed the interview despite my nervousness in the stomach.I new i had nailed it but just days later my informer told me someone else brought by the HR director is going to be given the job,i thought this to be unfair,but i remembered it is and has always been ‘Survival for the fittest’…i would do the same for my niece, nephew or my children.So mouth zipped,but lets talk of wasted time and money!!!!!

I left that back and decided to enjoy my leave days,…guess where i headed??? to my momma of course.Trust me when i say i enjoyed the stay,late night stories,doing market things together,visiting family and friends….I visited my Bro and his newly wedded wife…it was lovely and worth the time,they have a lovely home and child on the way.I again visited my Daughter’s God mum *Glo,and it was magical,and again worth the time.Sooner than later it was time to head back to work and i felt i could quit my job, that was actually just an imagination……I came back home,and had this idea of having a pet,so just start imagining of the words i used, carefully thought through just to convince my hubby that we actually had to buy one,not forgetting schools are opening and *Dee is to report to school….phew.!!! let me just say,I WON..!!!.We now own a puppy named *Zurie french name meaning ‘White and Beautiful’ We love her so much and ready to take care of her,for starters we have already given her a 2 months stage vaccination.


On the other hand i had a nanny drama where house girl decides she is now so grown to be told anything.I could not handle the BS and actually and to control my hands and anger hence i am actually doing minus one.You can now start imagining my schedules.

My maternal grandmother is in town and i am forced to make a point of visiting where she is staying…i am glad to see her and will definitely go see her.My sister relocated to western part of Kenya to ‘Make it or make it’ lol,i will miss her weekend company so much.My hubby may be relocating to the coastal part of Kenya which leaves me alone with *Dee and *Zurie in this town…i don’t know what to say!!! All will be well,i guess.

Words for you my friends,:- Always pray and believe God will come through for you.You do not need to kneel or go to church to talk to him always,just talk to him anytime you think of him.Lastly,Keep friends close but family even closer….blood is thicker than water!!!!


I do not stop because i am tired,i stop because i am done.!



    mercy kibata said:
    September 3, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    I missed to really read my part & surely am now relieved.
    Am sure all shall be well and that you are going far.
    Thanks for encouraging us through your blogs-
    Keep going gal…


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