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Hello my people,i felt like reaching to you before i sleep today…there is something special about Thursday, still not sure what it is about but heading towards a weekend it just rejuvenates the heart.We are all special people living together despite having some very hideous characters among est us,as i always talk about my world my life,at times i would tell without fear of contradiction that it wont be worth any stories and fun without people in it…so yea at times it is Our world my life.

Friends,in life we all do what we got to do,most a time we do things we really think we could not have done,we could have done better or better still things we are glad we did and we want it to keep replaying in our heads forever.Trust me all these make us who we are now,different from what we were yesterday.So we should keep moving forward,grow & learn and definitely enjoying this short mysterious life we live daily.

Now,we should agree that we are all different in our looks,shapes,height,successes and finances.Beyond all this is just a human being and a beating heart.I wish we could spend one of our days just reflecting and purpose to touch a persons life in a small but special way.Just stoop low and greet somebody not of your caliber,better still just take some sacrifice of this tight economy and buy some one a meal,take time and visit the nearest orphanage or children home and give them the clothes you don’t use any more or just bless that house girl that helps manage your house with some good clothes probably the ones you never wear any more.Let’s us just stop all the craziness and think of someone else instead of our own self every day.

Finally reaching out to my young fans,when we use this social media plat forms to express ourselves and connect with friends all over,kindly remember to maintain sanity and not to loose who we are….there is a lot of falseness(fake) and reality that might disturb or distort a person; when all around you are posting happiness,smiles,vacations….trust me every dog has its day,if you are feeling low,reflect on it and grow,its not permanent and those smiling now probably cried yesterday.So in any situations you are in draw positive energy and tackle it,never compare or assume peoples status that are being posted all over…LIVE YOUR LIFE and be happy,happiness is free of charge.I am not saying you sit back and do nothing ,NO.,wake up and work your ass up…hustle till you “Make it or Make it”.

About my life,nothing much coming going on…with the stress a bit behind me i think i am regaining my weight especially my ass…now my priority is looking fabulous and keeping my family my priority and holding my real friends closer…actually i invited our long time friend #Lameck to come in a weeks time for family photo shoot session,he did some for us last year around August and i am planning to strike more poses may be just maybe this time we will do it outdoors.Then afterwards make plans of how my December holiday will work out.At the moment i am chilling and enjoying life…At least i am happy and i work to maintain it like that.

I love you all,please keep it real!!!!


I do not stop because i am tired,i stop because i am done!!


hEllO’s AnD TaleS oF mAny DaYs…..!!!!

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This is another Day.You have been given this day to use as you will.You can waste it or use it for good.What you do today is important because you are exchanging a DAY of your LIFE for it.When tomorrow comes,this day will be gone forever in its place is something that you have left behind…let it be something GOOD…!!!

It has been quite some time since i wrote about ‘my world’ to the world,this simply means my spirit have not been free for some times….i feel,smell and become free once i share the stories of my life.I have missed my fans and my writing in an unimaginable way.

So many things have happened i don’t even know where to start.First and fore most i will start by giving thanks.I thank my living God for taking me through a very rough patch of my life an secondly i thank the true friends who have tried to reach out and help…FYI,They are merely a handful; and Last but not least..i fully thank my Mummy,i really don’t know of a thing i can ever do without her,i love her to death and this is not just for say…i mean it.This as well reminded me to really appreciate my dad for ensuring we were always in school and was very strict with school work.It did bear fruits because i am now someone else’s rock and another persons support rib.I am well educated and has gotten a job for it.My kid(s) will thank me later!!!!

….Why the endless thanks? yea,right…let me take my sweet time just to say thank you,- For the last 6 months my better half has been out of work and that only meant lots of financial strain to keep my daughter in school,struggle to maintain roof over our heads,put food on the table and other here and there stuff,…..only heavens can tell you how HARD it has been,but one thing that has emerged out and clear is that i am a very STRONG WOMAN….no words can beat this.We have walked through the tunnels,denying ourselves the luxury of life,i forgot to even just shave my armpits,i mean what time could i spare for that while i needed to get my burnt-out ass to hustle,For that i can say my waggish sleeveless tops have been having a vacation of their own,my best social media poses were out for some time but still i appreciated life and breath from God..The only person i could not want to feel the heat is my little angel,thank God i managed to provide almost everything for her first then the rest followed…..FINALLY,there is a great LIGHT at the end of the darkest tunnel.He has gotten a good job,what he likes doing..’OSHA’.I can say without fear of contradiction that with God on our sides,we can now start living and not struggle to survive and pay bills…can i hear an Amen!!!!

Now on my news,sii i have gone for interviews, all looking hopeful,but wait till i start mentioning the disappointments!!!…smh..anyway the exposure i have continued to receive from my job…all i can say is ‘biG and CraZy’ everyday is a learning and growing procedure for me…i tell you i am completely blessed.Some times our greed for quick growth and fast wealth can consume us wholly without us realizing. If you ask me why i want another job,its purely financial, while at the moment i am never comparable to what i was when i joined this company,i have learnt so much in Logistics and H&S that words cannot tell…in a nut shell all i am saying is,‘I am work in Progress’ in few months to come very few will afford my worth…but at the moment..i lie low and continue eating this free knowledge!!! Please take this as some piece of free advice,Learn from your work to be better and grow into a very expensive piece of art….take passion and they will take interest in you,use you till you are fully matured.I said it and i am out of here.!!

On other news,finding a house girl has been another dead lock for me until i wondered why all these things are on me all at once,i have struggled for at least 1.5 months hitting dead ends with getting a house girl,finally only yesterday i got a very good one…ask me how i know she is good…yes i know,one of the powers God gave me for free is power to read people on very first instance,this readings have never disappointed me before,i believe i am right this time too.

Now, i have a bucket list of things to be done,i feel as if i am leaving some steps behind every other person and my intentions and priority is to close all this gaps.I need the Lord and my female touches to complete but all i know before this year ends,all i need is life,the rest will and must be done…by fire by force..#watch me!!!

Before i bore you,enough of me today,go back to doing what you were doing before starting to read with me.

I love you all so much and i demand some lOvE back….Peacepeace!!!


I do not stop because i am tired,i stop because i am done!!!