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HUD my friends,fans and sisters!!!! ‘Missment’ is an understatement because i have crazily missed reaching out to you,but had nothing to say…its okay to lack words sometimes,we don’t need to squeeze words out of our lips always,lets learn to say when we actually want to say and mean it; its called keeping it real.peace!!!!

Today i want to reach out to my fellow women and sisters out there.In my world a sister is that blood related damn hot girl/lady that you shared a womb with,that neighbour right next door,that hot colleague in the office,that girl you went to the same school with and off course but not least that Ride or die girl friend in your phone book.Now, that being said i am not saying we all hold hands and make a damn big circle to merry and give fake smiles to show that you care for each other.I mean, who has airtime and real time to call the whole world full of girls/women to just show you care?? and who said all these girls/women are good enough to maintain friendship with in the first place?? but to begin with, that reason you have not to like all girls/women you some how relate with is because of the broken sister code that ended up making them *Bitches(with a light note of-course).What am i saying.???

We all know some woman,lady or girl in our own small world,whatever the reason you know some female about let us just try and be that sister-keeper,role model or just a happy soul next to the other.Sisters we are all different and special in our own ways,we do our things differently,we roll differently we even fall in love focusing of different shit…but heyyyyy,lets not judge,lets stop hating,lets undo the backstabs,stop the bad mouthing….please lets complement each other,correct each other if need be and limits allow,lets just be happy for one another without saying or pretending or proofing that you are the best among-est the rest…let us stop being FAKE.

I do not know if its only me,but if you cannot complement a sister then its best you keep quite about it.Its the easiest thing to do,you don’t like my lipstick,fine,….keep walking; our bloods do not agree,fine…find your circle but just stop being fake.make it a habit to say hello to people you pass in the road,to your neighbours, to your long distant friends once in a while even if you have your backup sisters in your phone book,you just never know when you will have to drive back to the girls you passed just to ask for directions…embarrassing right???? i thought so too.!

Be happy for yourself and be positive for your struggles,it invites the positive energy which is just what you need.Automatically your heart will be less heavy and you will find it less hard work to just feel good for other girls or let them just be.No need to roll dem eyes up and down,snare or be obviously green with envy…i don’t know how we do that shit anyway,when i try to roll my eyes in the mirror i actually think i look so ugly and so fake,its just not me and its not you either.

I am not an angel,i have here and there felt jealous of my friends and school mates.,but i try so hard to turn it and just be okay with it..I admit cutting ties with my very very best friend and neighbour of ours when we were still in primary school all because we discussed our fellow classmates on our way from school and the next morning i was surprised she went ahead of me to school, on reaching there she had already set me on fire with the other girls,,jeez that was a terrible day for me because i knew what would follow…after school being hunted on my way home near a river that we used to cross and you would be given a beating of your life…Goodness let me just end it there but trying to translate this to my current life and position i can’t imagine feeling all shameful because of a thing i said about somebody especially if its not true or either way…i’d rather just keep it to myself than tell another soul,its not my cup of tea..i pass!!!.its all about trying to be better people in this world.Phew,i have said it & i am done!!!!!

On the other hand nothing much going on for me,just keeping my hustles real.My better half working almost a week now in the coastal sides of Kenya..i miss him.My baby girl is almost closing school 13th this week,i have to be there because she keeps practicing the songs for the cultural day on the same 13th and i just cannot wait to see her perform in the sisal wrap i made her and the small kanga that will be tied round her chest….chills..): ..i will definitely share with you on how it goes; Until then,God bless you,stop the BS and keep it REAL.

peace 2


I do not stop because i am tired, i stop because i am done!!


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