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Hellloooooo! This is a season that engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.So for the sake of your loved ones,STAY SAFE.

Its been quite some time since i last let you in my world/my life.To start with i am actually so so happy in my life at the moment and therefore i would like to thank my heavenly father for the goodness he has shown.Dee’s speech and confidence is sharpening,Hubby is developing and flexing his muscles in the new job and i am loving every inch of them every day.God is good and he cannot take you through what you cannot handle in preparedness to the greatness he wants to elevate you to.I have witnessed and experienced his sweetness and his way of handling things.This year has been the craziest of my life ever,many stumble stones along the way,having little but holding on,temptations in my love life but amidst all these its now ending in a very ceremonious manner.Every door that we knocked is wide opening,lots of love in the air, God’s greatness is felt….jeez i am literally suffocating with happiness and ‘pleeease someone advice on how i can loose this stupid grin on my face!!!!

We were late to reach our set targets for 2015 but if God gives us longer life then 2016 is going to be the BOMB..!!on OTHER NEWS,i did not go home to my parents for x-mass, i wanted to have it with my family for the 1st time since Dee joined our lives.So instead i invited my sister *Nivah,small bro *Newton and my lovely niece *Britt to be with us…they are here and trust me the bell is jingling loudest…It officially CHRISTMAS week.The mood is right,food and more food,people all over the house…gifts streaming in,family /extended family all healthy,x-mass tree decorated,balloons bursting…ohhhh my..oh my..i love December.

Remember to share your happiness/love/food with the less fortunate.Touch a persons life and yours will be tripled.

Before i call it a year,i will do lots of prayers for me and for you my friends.

Finally in preparations to ushering the year 2016,please take a look at the table below to find out the SPARKLING STONE/GEM related to your birth month and start demanding  and commanding for this precious stones in your life…I will go deep in them come JANUARY 2016..Inshallah!!! Stay tuned and enjoy your holiday…I wish you a xmassxmass

The Modern Birthstone Table
(adopted  in 1912)

garnet January – Garnet Jewelry ruby July – Ruby Jewelry
amethyst February – Amethyst Jewelry peridot August – Peridot Jewelry
aquamarine March – Aquamarine Jewelry sapphire September – Sapphire Jewelry
diamond April – Diamond jewelry opal tourmaline October – Opal Jewelry  & Tourmaline 
emerald May – Emerald Jewelry citrine yellow topaz November – Citrine Jewelry  Yellow Topaz 
pearl moonstone June – Pearl & Moonstone Jewelry turquoise blue topaz tanzanite December – Turquoise & Blue Topaz Jewelry


I do not stop because i am tired,i stop because i am done.!!


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