Month: February 2016


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Howdy howdy my family,friends and fans.Happy 2016 so far!!!! Its been ages since i put something down for you my loves…its so selfish of me but a girl got to do what she got to do.I was aligning  myself to the speed 2016 was bringing forth and so far so good.I got the energy and i have the muscles so lets move on to what is going on with you? I must admit apart from my being under the bridge for a while i have continued to receive many likes and follows which actually kept my spirits alive.I love you my real supporters so much.

On the other hand,’My life my world‘ has been filled up with lots of amusing sh**.As a matter of fact i have embarked in reading Novels, although i find challenges just winding on the 1st one…guess which? –Cash flow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki.Ladies and gentlemen those who haven’t read this, kindly run and buy it up even if it will mean reading a single page everyday…you will never regret,it is awesome.!!

My daughter Dee has move from the Busy Bees class to the Fire flies…the home works are killing me,but as i said , i got it..i have the muscles. Baba Dee is doing well,i pray for him to do even better…i need him at the top of everything and i believe the Hard work which he got plus some guidance prayers from my Heavenly father all shall be well.

I have set some resolutions this year and hope i wont really wait so long as i did 2015 for them to be accomplished…for starters,i am searching through my soul for my true friends and pulling them close and as for the *frienemies as much as i would love to pull them closer,darling…i pass,*priss just move aside i got so much in my plate.I have managed to sort out but a few and the result is that i have less weight in my shoulders, beloved i am loving each moment.

As for my job,i put it up for prayers because this year it is my wish to Go BIG or Go HOME!!! I hope that just sums it up.

Finally i would wish to ask all my fans to please please,find time,read with me and as much i would appreciate if you comment and also give your opinions on the articles,suggestions on the topics i could add to spice this all up and get all of you glued.Love you all to the moon and back.Take care!!

This was just and update catch me later for some good stuff.


I do not stop because i am tired i stop when i am done.!!