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You do not know about me without reading about “My Life My World”. This is my diary,that when you read you know me better and become part of my life.I am not perfect however i strive for perfection.When you read with me you will identify that we all have our best days and moments and the worst also keep up..Lol

The past is a Foreign Country where they do things differently,Now is the place to be with ambitions to unfold and lots of Love to enjoy.Howdy pals and fr-enemies? its been quiet for some time, no hard feelings though,i was working on my LIFE!!! I missed sharing with you  beyond words,wonder no more, this is Linah talking to you now…i never leave, i just take a break!!

My relationship has suffered some ordeal the past few months but as usual My Bae and i rocked, rowed and rolled through it….It was inevitable: the scent of bitter almonds and adversity always reminded him of the fate of perpetual love and we loved even harder. It seems better and promising now.

My family is big now,at first it seemed out of order and futile  but apparently i would not love it any other way,i have my Baby bro,In-law baby bro and Sister,my sweet house manager together with my better half and my wonderful baby girl *Dee….its amazing to have all this warmth,….am in love with the feeling.

My dog and friend Zuri is so grown,i cant wait for her to turn one in September and let her have me some more puppies!!! i gave her a cute cut a week a go,she is doing great and happier now that my House manager decided to come back after she opted to leave.She is good with Zuri and i can notice it in Zuris’ face just as she is good to my Daughter and my family at large,i love her so much.I am monitoring her and weighing the option of having her with her little girl in  my house when the large family reduces in a few months…So help me God.

Lets not forget the main character in this book ‘ME’,I must admit that God has been good to me and has answered most of my questions and prayers,it might be to early to say this,however i am gonna say it anyway…2016 so far has been my Year!!! I decree and declare the same for the few remaining months to 2017….I gat me a good job that i love and has opened new doors and windows to mention but a few..My Hubby got himself something  nice too,i take selfies,selfies and more selfies, reason??? I love my self everyday.I have stepped foot to my ‘dreams’ and loved the experiences…and the pick of them all is that my In-laws finally came to claim me to my parents last month….This meant a lot(the World) to me….I know, i know, others are now gaping with surprise and feel this is quite normal….NO its NOT,marriage and in-laws is so very perplexing that at times  can drain all your energy….its been a long 9 years of waiting and Jesus made it happen.I can now sit back and let me sip on some sweet wine,waiting for the big drop and  a huge white Cinderella dress to top dress the occasion ….I have not/am not  promising anything FYI.Am just saying,I mean, ‘what you confess you Posses’.

Ladies and gentlemen,I love my ‘Life’,my ROCK ‘Mummy’ ,my King ‘Daddy’ and all my Siblings,Nivah,Nick,Willies,Eugyne and my in-laws Kate,Celine….Nieces Lil’ Nivah, Britt and Nephew Loic (latest addition)…am a Daughter,Mother,Wife,Sister,Sister in-law and Aunt to an amazing amazing loving Family. This is a huge Title am holding equal to any Degree,PHD and Doctorate title out here.Mellifluous indeed.!!!

I love my supportive small circle of Friends,i will roll with you folks to the end of the road.


I do not stop because am tired,I stop when am Done.!!!





    linahatieno responded:
    July 8, 2016 at 9:17 am

    Please read with me and follow me!!!


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