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Ooh how shall I start? Happy new year and it was my pleasure reading with you in 2016. I did what i could however i know it wasn’t enough,i wont make an excuse knowing pretty well ‘he that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else’.

My life and my world is nothing without the people in it,I still love my family,friends,fans and supporters lets not forget the grey-area people ‘Fr-enemies’!!!

It’s the beginning of a new year 2017 and many are making new resolutions in addition to the failed resolutions from 2016….I included have lots of unfulfilled 2016 resolutions however I am not carrying any garbage from 2016 and am slow at making new ones either in 2017 in fact am thinking it wise to make resolutions as events and months unfold.However i have adjusted to 2 set of values: Happiness and Growth

My life my world.

Hey, am older by a year already,trust me, am wiser too. Lots of things make sense now more that ever. I use my mind more than any other part of my body and I know great doors are yet to come with it.

I think am also already suffering from middle life crisis; lots of to do bucket list,life is more precious and time more valuable as I turn the big 3. I am scared out of my own skin however i trust more. The year ended with my engagement after 10 good years of love,tears,fights,make ups,great bed-tennis,bad days,bright days,trust,mistrust and many more…..yes i said-YES!!!

Honestly speaking and as I know most ladies would node their heads to this line….we dream of the best engagement we could ever get from this world followed by a colossal wedding but reality check is that all is not rosy and some time messy is the new love!!! I got the big carat ring and it is so so beautiful,but i got it in the wrong of times ever…things so hot,ground so unstable,troubled water that could drown oneself however ladies and gentlemen it was this messy moments that meant everything to this. In a storm we cuddle,in  unstable water we swim holding hands and the worst of times love still tops it all.

I thought to myself,at unstable times people take some steps back to figure it out or pull it together….but on this confusing,bad and worst time this person thinks he should probably pop the question because it is now or never he knew the trials in the past made us stronger and he there for knew this was one of them that we came out so together and united….HE WON MY HEART ALL OVER!!

Lesson from this is that,not all we dream off is what we get but as new challenges and situations face us it’s then that we get our unguided answers only if we are open enough to accept, grab it by the horn and make sence of it all.On that note I resigned myself to it and found Sence of it all.

Now the confusing part of my life:

Friends I was born in a certain month of the year but ever since i joined secondary school i decided on a different month to celebrate my birthday,some of the reasons were:

1. To look younger than my friends

2. I loved the month and  date hence went along with it

Mhhhh,you may not understand it my family was ???? with this shit but they went with it…my dad never understood  my twisted sense in this. I have been holding my birthday parties on my ‘fake bday date’ hence forth but i loved it that way….

This year i celebrated my day on  my real day….it felt different,all grown  up and fun….i love it.I called my mum to let her know am all grown up now,my better half off course is down with any drama my life takes….he is with me on this so you all better twist your heads around and move on.(PS- I never understood myself as well)


I see myself in an aisle. I see myself happier. I see me in better job however not for long as I would be heading to something of my own. I see myself hanging out with friends. I see myself loving my family more. I see myself working hard and playing hard.I see myself LIVING LIFE and appreciating every bit and moment it brings.

I have a stronger will,a greater urge,sweeter spirit,savage personality and a forever young beautiful lady and greatest of it all is I will encourage others while am on top of it all.


I Reject your Reality and Replace it with My Own





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