Heroes/Heroines and Supporters!-#2

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I will start by apologising for being away and keeping my fans waiting.I was under the weather with my Appendix problem again,the pain,bodyaches and chills were crazy.Medication is helping,good news though is that my daughter *Dee is up and running she is feeling much better and infact attended school this week.

Thanks for your prayers!!!



*Kate is my lovely sister-in-law,or should we throw away the ‘in-law’ part and just call her my lovely sister.I want to put my words vivid and clear of how i will always appreciate her..she was and still is my Heroine!

Lets jump back to where i left my story…

I packed my bags and *correction as i previously said i headed to hospital…it is…we headed to hospital..me and *Kate.Let me not forget on our way to the hospital we decided to pass for a last ‘baby bump’ photo shoot.I had no better phone during my pregnancy,remember i was earning peanuts!!! so did not have good pics to remind me of my BIG belly…so this was really necessary plus i was not in labor so had all the time and pleasure to have some fun.

*Kate was with me as i posed and dressed in all manner possible for the camera…she helped with the poses and accessories…i enjoyed that section to bits,actually it still the best memory i have of my baby bump.Afterwards,at around 11 am we decided to continue to our destination not knowing what awaited us….as much as i had thought *Kate was experienced and therefore an on spot expert in that sector, i had forgotten she didn’t labor,she had a well decided C-section for her beautiful daughters’ birth.

We reached the hospital and i got a very nice male nurse..Hot to start with and a very gentle man to say the least.He did his check ups on me and remembered to remind me of eating in small bits with intervals throughout the labor process to have my energy up,he could also not hide the fact that he thought my belly was quite projected and in fact called for a last check to confirm i was not having twins…Yes..that’s how big i was..watch that space..lol!! Sooner than i could imagine i was being induced *Kate by  my side.It was now time to wait for the contractions.

At about 1 pm i started experiencing some cramping…my nurse kept passing by,when i saw him i could shrink as if the pain is really kicking in,with exaggeration of-course but he could just joke and say “do you think you are in pain?” ‘yes’ i replied..”until i come and find you under that bed you are lying on then i will start believing you”,we liked his concern and constant attention to us actually we even offered him lunch and we were glad he accepted.That was that.

It was now 3 pm,the pain and backache was becoming real,this did not go well with the fact the ”hotty’ came to drop the bombshell he was ending his shift…imagine my facial expression….none of you can get it right..it was awful.The struggle had just begun.*Kate constantly rubbing my back…the contraction intervals were getting closer and closer together she could not rest her hands…#jeez….she decide to grab any nurse passing around because we did not know who is now responsible for us..i had to get checked and see if my fate was pulling close…’you are 2 cm dilated,enda utulie’.Ooh my God! i could not believe i had 8 to go…my friends,it moved from just constant back rubs to,constant cursing,lamenting and back rubbing….the questions i paused to my sister,only her can tell it better…i wanted to literally grab any white cloth passing around to have me checked with no luck…If i may ask my fellow mothers,”do the in and out,deep and slow breathing plus the small pacing around really help?” i did not notice any difference,actually i just agitated myself even more.

At around 4.30 pm *Kate leaves and returns with both my parents…my dad could not look at me twice,he left the room for the corridors..my mum tried to stick around….calling me all the sweet names and assuring me all will be well soon…this weakened me even more…she reached and tried to rub my back to relieve *Kate who was almost helping me lament….i could not stand my mums rubbing ,she rubbed as if she was giving me a pat…#jeez,i needed really good,hard rubs.”Mum just leave me alone,go and wait in the corridor with dad,i want *Kate and only *Kate”…”Kate please rub my back,aki usichoke!” and that is exactly what she did,she never got tired.

It was about 5.30 pm,getting concerned with the pain i asked to be checked,and this time i managed,”you are only 4 cm” remember this was an intern nurse,imagine my frustrations!!!! getting back to my bed ,dad and mum now started getting concerned and starts getting ready to move me to a different hospital…i could not even start to imagine them,,,i was feeling awful,how could i move?as they are consulting for the best and nearest hospital around,its now 6 pm i ask *Kate to take me for short Call,heading to the bathrooms, i meet a nurse asking me what i feel,–really??? “What do you mean,i want to pee for Goodness sake!” insisting,”are you sure it is a short call? do you feeling like ‘pushing?”…my look to her said these words …”how does ‘pushing’ feel like?” i could not start to understand her a single bit…Again and now coming hard she said,”huyu mpeleke delivery room” and there is where *Kate took me..leaving me at my delivery bed and asked to go out.Outside now was my Mum,dad,*Kate and my aunt(sister to my mum),they gave me hope and lots of love inside.I lacked and missed one person i really needed there with me though,you can guess already…yes,baby daddy!! but he was far and with good intentions,so i had no option than pressing on.

To save you what went on inside there,because i cannot remember to even put to writing the ordeal..bottom line is,i was not 4 cm dilated but actually fully dilated,in a few minutes i had the best gift i could ever get in my arms at exactly 6.28 pm in April,Friday the 13th,2012 …that i remember!!!!.The smile i wore was out of this world,Nurse asked “who is out there to help you.?” “all of them” i replied,she needed a name i gave out *Kates’ name and she was called to bring the receiving blankets.My aunt was then called to help me get to shower and taken to my transfer room.This was the day and time i was given a birth like a baby, prior to me bathing my own.

deeOur bundle of joy!!!

It was not allowed for visitors to spent the night with patients as most hospitals do,so my folks just came in and, peeped at the bundle of joy and left,but no,.Kate could not leave,after a while i saw her back,i wondered how and she told me she had bribed to remain with me…as much as i hate corruption,for this day i really appreciated that someone could receive it,it worked for my sake to have company through the night.we stayed up most part of the night ,where the energy came from? am yet to understand.We texted all the necessary people and stared at my Daughter the whole time…we fumble on the few names i had chosen and we settled on her name after long debate between me and her till we decide to call my brother *Willis who confirmed the name we settled for.I enjoyed that first night with,*Dee and *Kate.

We managed to also stay together on the 2nd day as well before my Eldest brother *Nick came to pick us on the 3rd day to take us home.In my bedroom at my parents house is were i stayed,and as if all *kate had done was not enough,*kate abandoned her husband(my brother *Nick) and decided to sleep with her daughter in the bed next to mine for two good weeks…helping with night colic,breastfeeding struggles as well as doing our washing and to put icing to the cake she recently traveled all the way from western to Nairobi to attend and bring gifts to *Dee’s 3rd b-day….i cannot finish mentioning all she did,i have never thanked her enough and i cannot thank her enough,i still have not done it the best way i am supposed to but trust me its always at the top of my memory.

kate n dee

She is still the best and trusted person i could ever leave my child with.#watch out for my next Heroines!!!!!

I appreciate you all.


I do not stop because i am tired,i stop because i am done!!


4 thoughts on “Heroes/Heroines and Supporters!-#2

    Zushi said:
    July 10, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    Wow nice read…
    i want to be a mummy too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      linahatieno responded:
      July 14, 2015 at 9:03 am

      You will be,in Jesus name.
      Thanks for reading.


    Catherine said:
    July 11, 2015 at 5:53 pm

    I luck words to express myself,thank u very much.everything happened exactly as you have stated,love u so much

    Liked by 1 person

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