Heroes/Heroines and Supporters!-#3

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Well well well,let me just put it in simple language “i missed you all”.Work has been crazy these past few weeks but i am not complaining, mark my words.Everyone is of good health at least i can catch a breath for some time.

Today i thought my opening would capture some few souls with some word of encouragement…..’Anyone and everyone that has a purpose in life like i do will definitely have some goals set…i mean we do make resolutions and targets each new year hoping by the end of it all we will be in some better place than we were…if the targets haven’t been met yet while you worked/working your ass off towards them…you did something, be proud of yourself…you are not alone.I am literally still chasing my targets,i have not accomplished any yet but the year is not over yet,right??? i got my legs and my butt still tight so am gonna run like never before chase the remaining few months to closure of this year…Inshallah!!!!

Gloria Ajami -#3

glo (1)

Gloria is my very true friend to begin with,we schooled together in high school and better still sat in the same class from Form1-4,she was my close competitor back then.To make it more interesting, we ended up in the same University and we all ended up doing education course,but she ended up chasing what she knows best…English as i went my science way.

Please do not miss quote me,i have very many good friends,or maybe a few…but i love this lady to death and the best part of our friendship is that it does not need any hard work to keep it real,i mean, we do not talk always nor text each other all the times but i always know she is true to me and always there for me.When we do catch up either physically or via cell phone we always got it going with lots of stories”what we missed’ and endless laughs.

Gloria is the God mother to my little angel,and you are allowed to wonder out loud ‘why her???’… When i was heavily pregnant with my bundle of joy i received very many calls from my close of friends to know how i fair,when i was due and this was met with love most of the times but when the hormones kicked in i felt frustrated and really bugged….but all in all i loved the anticipation.This will remind me to extend my gratitude to my college friends,,,the Musketeers *Abby Ong’oli,*Mercy Nekesa and Daisy Anjawa…you girls are the best.
During my very last stages when i was back home,waiting to pop..i received a call from *Glo as i call her and she as always was so sweet and with lots and full of jokes but the best news was that she was traveling to come see me so that she could learn 1,2 tips as she had put it,another was that she had been picturing me with the big belly and she could not rest untill she sees it.Gloria traveled to be with me; that simple and noble act touched my heart,she was the first and only friend who really made it to visit me and share the journey against all odds especially that of her job being so tight.She held my hand as i had my evening exercises, we laughed and reminded each other of old times…it melted my heart!!!My heart became more fond of her.She promised to come see me after i deliver and she kept the promise.
I also want to thank my 3 friends earlier mentioned of not being there physically but being there emotionally…the collective monetary gift they sent was met with lots of happiness and gratitude and i will for ever heart you girls…now sexy mommas..Mama Ryan(Abby),Mama Nikita(Mercy) and the only sexy lady yet..(Daisy) love you to the moon and back.

Icing to the cake,the reason i chose and made me 100% sure that she is the lady to be my daughters’ God mum was a month and two weeks later after i had *Dee and i had to travel and join my partner in Tanzania where he had fled to look for greener pasture now that baby was on the way(baby fever can really push us to the end of the world,trust me)..lol. I was traveling to Nairobi first then connect all the way to the Swahili soils…Gloria was the first friend who new about this plan and it was killing her that she had not gifted this little angel and she wouldn’t want to do it years or months later….i remember we were traveling on a week day and she was definitely working.she called to ask what time i was leaving and asked me to stop close to her working area,she had not carried the gift,reason being i had traveled a day earlier than planned. This lady left work traveled back to her place and rushed to the roads to give my daughter her gift amidst my plea for her to just let it be,i could not imagine the disturbance and rush i was causing her….they were pretty little pink slippers..

.slippersi adored her spirit,i wondered what her heart was made of…i searched my spirit if i could really pull off such an act….i totally learned so much from this,so much than any of you could imagine and from that point, right there and then i knew she was the one…if i happen to be gone any moment,i have no doubts at all that she could do everything to ensure my angel was comfortable.Let us not even start with the connection she got with my girl…they are great together.

Dee’s God mum was blessed to do her masters in Den Mark and with me being in Tanzania, she missed almost 2 great years of her God Daughter’s life but i did send her pictures and she could call me just to say hi,not that she was working but she could sacrifice her upkeep money just to make that international call to me…am humbled.After her graduation she came back to Kenya and she had very many people in her life that she had to remember including the fact she has sisters who got kids; this can tell you in a nut shell of the responsibility over her head,,,i mean your brother/sister’s kid is your own..or at least for me they are.She could not afford to come empty handed..We communicated and i had to take my daughter to her God mum,little to my knowledge she had the best present for *Dee and me…I got a pretty gold necklace that i will treasure to end of times and her God daughter received a grey studded canvas.*Glo with shoes!!!..lol

glo n linacanvas

I love you Gloria Ajami,i know you would have a lot of grammatical mistakes to correct here but please spare me…Maths and English are way apart.You are always in my heart and prayers..i know some of the things that you plan and wish in your life and i know God is your best friend its just a matter of time.I will avenge all this goodness you extended to me forever…i got your back missy!!!!

Any other friend that extended even just a word of congratulation….i heart you and you are not forgotten…it was just *Glo’s day and glory.Walk with me and share my life stories.


I do not stop because i am tired,i stop because i am done!!


4 thoughts on “Heroes/Heroines and Supporters!-#3

    mercy kibata said:
    July 27, 2015 at 11:05 am

    always in love of your posts…well written and very encouraging…
    all the very best to the little angel…av never seen her but I believe soon I will…
    Am also glad I came to know you especially the times we were tgether until when things changed…You are the best Linah


      linahatieno responded:
      July 27, 2015 at 12:42 pm

      Thanks Mercy,means alot that you are also reading with me!!! welcome to my humble home any time.You are the best.


    Gloria said:
    July 27, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    That I have a friend like you who appreciates my efforts is enough reason for my heart to be happy for the longest time possible. I am touched.


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